Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Spring Breakers" - Review

“Spring Breakers” – Review

Is a story of four attractive college girls desperate to get away for their spring break getaway in Florida. However there is one major problem, they are short on cash, so early on in the film they decide to steal a college professor’s old car in order to unhesitatingly burglarize a local restaurant to secure the additional money.

But their story is just getting started in the noir like film ”Spring Breakers”; an edgy underbelly portrayal of teenage life who deliberately allow themselves to be lost in the underbelly world of money, guns, hyper sexuality, drugs, alcohol, debauchery, decadence, violence, and moral bankruptcy.

Starring James Franco, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine the central moment of the film is the four teens random meeting of a soft spoken and gentle local thug named “Alien” (Franco) a silver teeth clad local “player’ of the drug trade. Their chance meeting turns the film for the four girls into a willingly hypnotic juxtaposition of a poignant bewildering relationship with “Alien’s” daily immersion into a life of guns, drugs, money and violence and at the same time momentary displays of innocent naïve sweetness manifested by the four girls respective reassuring calls to their mothers back home that they are having quote “a really great time, everything is OK and they will be home soon”.

Similar to the cult classic “Natural Born Killers”, “Spring Breakers” offers neither a real plot point nor any real justification for the teen’s decisions taken, nor does it offer up any moral stands, apologies or judgment for their reckless filled summer’s journey together. Instead what it does offer is an unflinching look at unhinged teen life whose moral barometer is completely and utterly broken or ignored at best. Right and wrong decisions for the four principles are calibrated very slowly, and in most cases not at all. For them the ephemeral pursuit for all things that feel good is their only priority in life and especially the only real thing that matters to them not in spans of time but rather from moment to moment.

3 – 1/4 Stars

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