Sunday, March 10, 2013

Favorite Movie Scenes - Part 1

Some of My Favorite Movie Scenes:

  1. The Godfather - Opening - Vito Corleone grants request on wedding day;
  2. The Godfather -  Michael settle’s all family business with Carlo;
  3. Alien - Kane’s chest burst;
  4. Alien - Ripley discovers Alien on shuttle craft;
  5. True Romance - The Sicilian discussion;
  6. Patton - Patton American Flag speech ;
  7. Inglorious Basterds – Colonel Landa’s  visits French farm house;
  8. Heat - The two former Godfathers share coffee;
  9. Heat.-  Neil and Vincent shoot it out in downtown LA;
  10. Tombstone –Doc Holiday makes fun of Ringo with a tin cup;
  11. Tombstone – Doc Holiday challenges Ringo at the Oak Tree;
  12. Titanic – Jack and Rose on vertical Titanic before finally sinking;
  13. Pulp Fiction – At the apartment - say what again – scripture quote;
  14. Pulp Fiction – Butch saves Marseilles Wallace from basement assault;
  15. Open Range – Final shootout in the center of town;
  16. French Connection – Car chase under subway tracks;
  17. The Deer Hunter – Russian Roulette
  18. Dusk Till Dawn – Opening where Sheriff enters the liquor store;
  19. Kill Bill I – Black Mamba dispatches the Crazy 88s.
  20. The Exorcist – Regan turns her head 360 degrees – raises from the bed;
  21. Jaws - Shark sinks the boat and picks the Captain as his lunch;
  22. Bonnie and Clyde – Couple are ambushed by the road;
  23. Taxi Driver – Travis looks in the mirror to ask “you talking to me”;
  24. Psycho – Shower scene;
  25. Saving Private Ryan – Troops storm the beach at Normandy;
  26. Midnight Cowboy –  “I’m walking here, I’m walking here”;
  27. The Raiders of the Lost ArkIndiana chases truck - fight scene;
  28. The King’s Speech – The King gives his war time speech;  
  29. The Shawshank Redemption – Red read’s Andy’s letter under the tree;
  30. Joesy Wells – You a bounty hunter;
  31. Unforgiven –Saloon  final shootout with Sheriff Little Bill
  32. Scent of A Woman - The Tango dance scene;
  33. Batman - The Dark Knight – The Joker make a pencil disappear;;
  34. In The Heat of The Night – Tubbs slaps southern businessman back;
  35. The Shining – Here’s Johnny;
  36. Forrest Gump – Forrest tells Jenny what he saw when he was running;
  37. Forrest Gump – Forrest discovers he is a father;
  38. Michael Clayton – Clayton asks, “Does it look like I am negotiating”;
  39. Star Trek – Wrath of Khan – Spock dying says goodbye to Kirk;
  40. Bound – Corky and Violet hook up;
  41. The Seven Year Itch – Marilyn Monroe’s dress flutters at subway vent;
  42. Scarface – Say hello to my little friend;
  43. A Few Good Men - You can’t handle the truth;
  44. The Ten Commandments – Moses splits the Red Sea;
  45. Jurassic Park – T-Rex appears for first time after power goes out;
  46. Silence of the  Lambs – Hannibal Meets agent Starling for the first time
  47. Silence of the Lambs – Hannibal grills Clarice about her past in library cell;
  48. 2001 A Space Odyssey – Hal 9000 is turned off by astronaut;
  49. The Great Escape – Steve McQueen rides motorcycle in his escape; and
  50. Aliens – Ripley rescues little girl Newt before LV426 facility blows up.
 And what are yours? 

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