Monday, March 11, 2013

Favorite Movie Scenes - Part 2

Some of My Favorite Movie Scenes:

  1. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid – Butch - Sundance shootout in Bolivia;
  2. Sling Blade – Karl hits Doyle with blade then eats mustard biscuits;
  3. Deliverance – Lewis shoots mountain man with arrow;
  4. Godfather 2 – Young Vito disposes broken pieces of gun on roof top;
  5. Out of Africa – Denys and Karen fly plane over African vista;
  6. Braveheart – William Wallace rides into village to exact his revenge;
  7. The Crying Game – Moment when Fergus discovers Dill’s secret;
  8. The Pianist – Szpilman discovered by German Officer plays piano after 4 years;
  9. Apollo 13 – Flight control waits to hear if the Apollo crew survived re-entry;
  10. Saving Private Ryan – Final battle in village to keep German’s away from bridge:
  11. Sideways – Miles gets Jack’s wallet from home of one night stand;
  12. True Grit – John Wayne’s Rooster Cogburn riding and shooting at Ned Pepper;
  13. Bridge Over on the River Kwai – Colonel falls on lever blowing up bridge;
  14. Lawrence of Arabia – Man on his Camel in desert riding into view;
  15. To Kill a Mocking Bird – People in balcony stand as Atticus leaves court room;
  16. Shindler’s List – Yong boy in concentration camp hides in bottom of toilet; 
  17. The Graduate – Ben watches Mrs. Robinson put her panty hose on;
  18. Blazing Saddles – Men eating beans around camp fire;
  19. Blazing Saddles – Fight scene goes from Western set to cafeteria to parking lot;
  20. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape – Family burns house down after their mother dies;
  21. Godfather- Sonny beats up Carlo in the street using trash can;
  22. Godfather- Sonny is killed at toll booth;
  23. Dog Day Afternoon – Sonny yells Attica, Attica, Attica, Attica;
  24. Wall Street – Greed is good speech;
  25. Raging Bull – Jake tells his brother Joey to hit him in his face repeatedly;
  26. Places in the Heart – Blind Mr. Will shoots at night riders in the barn;
  27. Hoosiers – Jimmy Chitwood hits winning shot;
  28. Untouchables – Agent Ness and Stone shoot out at train station with mobsters;
  29. Untouchables – Capone plays baseball at dinner table;
  30. Glory – Former slave Private Trip cries defiantly as he is being whipped;
  31. Cape Fear – De Niro’s Max Cady fights family on sinking boat;
  32. Saturday Night Fever – Tony wears iconic white suit to dance at club;
  33. Philadelphia – Andrew dying with his family and friends by hospital bedside;
  34. Pulp Fiction – Vincent and Jules cleans the car as Mr. Wolf drinks coffee;
  35. Pulp Fiction – Vincent takes Mia to drug dealer after over dose;
  36. Pulp Fiction – Vincent -  Mia dinner date -  talk about Tony Rock-a-horror;
  37. Thelma and Louise – Fly their Thunderbird convertible into canyon;
  38. The Sixth Sense – The doctor discovers he is “dead people”;
  39. Cast Away – Chuck cries as his only friend Wilson floats a way;
  40. Zero Dark Thirty – Seal team lands in middle of the night to get OBL
  41. Wizard of Oz – Dorothy sings  “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”
  42. Cool Hand Luke – Luke eats the eggs contest;
  43. Dr. Strange Love – Major King Kong Rides nuclear bomb like a cowboy;
  44. West Side Story – Anita dances to “America” song;
  45. Godfather – Movie Director finds horse in his bed;
  46. Godfather 2 – Michael watches as Fredo is killed in fishing boat:
  47. Network – Howard Beale screams from window he is “mad as hell”;
  48. Close Encounters of the Third Kind – Roy see’s Alien ship on mountain top;
  49. Ghost – Sam as a ghost kisses his wife Molly goodbye;
  50. Carrie – Carrier is drenched with blood at prom then become angry; and.
  51. Oldboy - Fight scene in basement with hammer.

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