Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Favorite Movie Scenes - Part 3

Some of My Top Movie Scenes

  1. The Natural – Iris stands then Roy Hobbs hits home run;
  2. The Godfather – Michael shoots Sollozzo and a cop in restaurant;
  3. Predator – Commandos mow down an entire jungle as they chase the Predator;
  4. Star Wars – X Winged fighters assault on the Death Star;
  5. Aliens – Ripley fights female Alien with yellow mechanized loader;
  6. Dance With Wolves – John Dunbar rides horse in front of Rebels with arms wide;
  7. Sleepless in Seattle – Sam, Jonah and Annie meet at top of Empire State Bldg;
  8. For A Few Dollars More – Colonel Mortimer and Indio duel to musical watch;
  9. 2001: A Space Odyssey – HAL 9000 reads the astronauts lips;
  10. Kill Bill 2 – Buried, Black Mamma recalls lessons learned from Master Pie Mai;
  11. When Harry Met Sally – Fake organism -  I’ll have what she is having;
  12. Rocky – Rocky runs through Philadelphia towards city hall steps;
  13. Unforgiven – Sheriff Little Bill confronts British Bob about no guns in town:
  14. Seven – Detective Mills asks his partner what’s in the box;
  15. The Gauntlet – Ben Shockley and his fugitive caught in crossfire on a bus;
  16. Wizard of Oz – Movie changes into color as Dorothy’s house lands on witch;
  17. Godfather – Michael saves his father from assassins at the hospital;
  18. Godfather –  Michael at christening has his men take care of family business;
  19. Rosemary Baby – Rosemary looks into baby crib for the first time;
  20. Pulp Fiction – Vincent and Jules discuss burgers in France;
  21. Bullet – Car chase with Ford Mustang;
  22. Wizard of Oz – Rhett Butler tells Scarlett O’Hara  “frankly my dear”;
  23. The Birds – Melanie is attacked by Birds in attic;
  24. Raiders of the Lost Ark – Instead of fighting Indiana shoots man with sword;
  25. The Fugitive – Being chased by Det. Gerard, Dr Kimble jumps down dam;
  26. Basic Instinct – Catherine being police interrogated uncrosses her legs;
  27. Reservoir Dogs – Mr. Blonde dances to song as he mutilates cop’s ear;
  28. Jaws – Captain Qunit talks about the sinking of the Indianapolis;     
  29. The Shining – Jack chases his son in snow covered maze;
  30. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – Chase through the top of bamboo forest;
  31. No Country for Old Men – The coin toss at the gas station;
  32. To Live and Die in LA – Car chase on the wrong side of the expressway;
  33. Drive – Opening, :the driver evades police by parking in garage at arena;
  34. Speed – Jack and Annie get off bus and watch it hit plane that explodes;
  35. Apocalypse Now - Colonel talks about surfing and what napalm smells like; 
  36. Master and Commander / TFSOTW – British & French ships final battle;
  37. The Patriot – Militia Benjamin & two sons attack Red Coats at side of the road;
  38. The Last of the Mohicans – Ambush attack on British Army by native Magua;
  39. Inglorious Basterds – Lt. Raine grills German soldier before Donny uses his bat;
  40. Inglorious Basterds – Lt. Hicox meets British spy in German basement bar;
  41. Inglorious Basterds – Lt. Raine grills Bridget Von Hammersmark after shootout;
  42. Platoon – Sgt Elias is chased by Viet Cong after being left behind;
  43. Apocalypse Now –Beach attack to the classical  music of  Wagner;
  44. King Kong – King Kong battles planes at  top of Empire State Building;
  45. Jason and The Argonauts – Jason and his men fight skeleton army;
  46. The Wedding Crashers – Gloria strategically massages Jeremy during dinner;
  47. Silver Streak – Grover teaches George to act black to get past police;
  48. Anchorman: T L of Ron Burgundy – Ron plays jazz flute on date with Veronica;
  49. The Wedding Crashers – Jeremy is tied up in bed by Gloria’s brother;
  50. Risky Business – Joel and Lana have sex on the train.
  51. The Professional - Detective Stansfield grills Methilda's father for his drugs;
  52. The Professional - Detective Stansfield and Leon shoot it out to the end;

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