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Rob the Mob - Review

Rob the Mob - Review

In 1991 In New York City John Gotti, the head of organize crime, was on trial for the 1985 murder of Paul Castellano and underboss Thomas Bilotti  who both were  gunned down in front of Sparks Steak House located at 210 East 46th Street. At the same time of Gotti’s trial, two twenty something working class star struck lovers named Tommy and Rosie Uva were routinely robbing mob social clubs for their money, jewelry and other valuables with the idea “who’s going to care about Mobsters being robbed”.  And with that you have a solid, slightly dramatic, slightly goofy and slightly fairy tale story of an odd pair who take their lives by the horn to live life at the fullest while holding down steady jobs as bill collectors.

“Rob the Mob” a true story, looks, sounds  and certainly feels completely improbable that two people could be so suicidal and stupid to rob without any regard to concealing their identities, but even more so to steal from mobsters on top of that. While watching this film anyone would think what I was thinking with even a minimum understanding of organized crime in America; they are certainly not going to simply let this go unpunished.

What is entertaining about this film is the odd pairing couple whose dumbness is so over the top and their desperate behavior so glaringly nuts is that is works convincingly well in this film. Tommy operates in an intellectual vacuum where robbing people is something as casual as brushing ones’ teeth. And with an equally quirky wife Rosie to provide moral support, “Rob the Mob” tells it’s story by pushing up front the usual typical stereotypes of mobsters with just the right touch without being insulting about it. Overall the whole film reveals itself as a story with a sentimental romantic sweetness and perpetual cuteness to this couple’s reckless and fool hearty crime spree.

Throughout the 1:45 minute running time “Rob the Mob” showcases two fine performances by Michael Pitts (Boardwalk Empire) as Tommy and Nina Arianda as Rosie who both seem to make their dysfunctional relationship worth rooting for as they literally improvise robberies on the fly without any care in the world, even though they should care.

If you like crime films as I do, with a ting of lunacy mixed in then I recommend you see this film.

Available now in On Demand only.

3 – 1/2 Stars

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