Friday, September 5, 2014

Early "Best Picture" Predictions for 2014


With only the "Best Picture"category in mind I give you a listing of those films I believe are likely to receive an Oscar Nomination as Best Picture for 2014.

My nomination predictions (announced in late January 2015) have nothing to do with if I had seen them as of yet. It is largely predicated on what I'm currently reading, the general "'Buzz" and a bit of intuitive guessing on my part.

Also, this has nothing to do with my personal opinion on the quality of these films right now, or whether I have seen them or if professional reviews are highly favorable.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, this list has nothing to do with my own final list that I send out annually.  It will be different from this I assure you.

A couple of things for you to consider:

1. Max of  No of films 10 - No less than 5
2. Films No. 1 - 3 Locks
3. Films No. 4 - 6  Strong
4. Films No. 7 - 9 Good
5. Film No. 10 -  Fair  - Bubble
6. Films No. 11 - 15  Solid possible replacements for No’s 4 - 10.
7. Highlighted Bold films are True Stories.
8. The Asterisk symbol (*) denotes  British Subjects - Plots

I will occasionally revisit this list from time to time until December and make updates - changes accordingly. 

So here is how it stands now as I see it:

1.    Foxcatcher
2.    Birdman
3.    Boyhood
4.    The Imitation Game *
5.    Mr. Turner *
6.    Unbroken
7.    Fury
8.    Interstellar
9.    Gone Girl
10.  Inherent Vice
11.  Theory of Everything *
12.  Into The Woods
13.  Wild
14.  American Sniper
15.  Men, Women & Children

Film likely to move up - No.13 'Wild" - (Reese Witherspoon)
Film likely to move down No. 9 "Gone Girl" (Ben Affleck)

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