Friday, October 11, 2013

My Top Most Controversial Films

My Top Most Controversial Films

I have listed from my viewing experiences the most controversial films that I have seen.

Without any regard to ranking or personal preference I have listed those films that not only had a broad spectrum of reviews, but also made national news due to their subject content and story line.

They are:

1.       Basic Instinct – Legs crotch flash, sex and female serial murderer
2.       Last Tango in Paris – Rated X, Marlon Brando’s use of butter and libidinous appetites
3.       Midnight Cowboy – Male Prostitution  - Only film with an X rating nominated for Best Picture
4.       United 93 – Reenactment of 9/11 flight was eerie and intense
5.       The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Menacing true Story of serial killing of unsuspecting teenagers
6.       Scarface (1983)  – A film about drug dealing - murder becomes glorified as a modern day cult classic  
7.       Henry and June – First film rated NC17 dealing with libidinous adventures
8.       Reservoir Dogs – Song “Stuck In The Middle With You”, a knife and an ear results in very hard to watch.
9.       The Silence of The Lambs - A transsexual, a cannibal and a feminist all in one film
10.   Kids – A story of teenage sex and the spread of AIDS
11.   Dirty Harry – An iconic cop who appears to be fascist and  racist and yet culturally popular
12.   Cruising – A Cop  goes undercover in gay community to find serial killer with stereotypical portrayals
13.   The Exorcist – Devil possession of children.
14.   The Passion of the Christ – Jesus last days draped in blood and brutality – National  concerns of anti-Semitism
15.   The Last Temptation of Christ – A crucified Christ wonders about sex and a life with Mary Magdalene  
16.   A Clockwork Orange – The primordial instincts for rape and violence it set to Beethoven
17.   Deep Throat – If you have to ask, look it up
18.   Psycho – People were afraid to take showers after this film was released
19.   The Deer Hunter – Working class men, the Vietnam war, drugs  and Russian Roulette
20.   Rosemary’s Baby – Some believed a perversion of the Christian faith with devil worship
21.   Irreversible  - A viscous lengthy rape and murder made people walk out of theaters
22.   Hard Candy – A teenage girl gets revenge against a pedophile
23.   The Cook, The Thief, The Wife and Her Lover - Depravity and decadence mixed with wealthy excesses
24.   Brokeback Mountain – Homosexual love within the backdrop of a western story
25.   Blue Velvet -  Small town gangsters and violence,  with scenes of sexual degradation
26.   Fatal Attraction – Husbands nationwide saw the potential consequences from cheating

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