Friday, October 4, 2013

Gravity - Review

Gravity – Review

Starring Sandra Bullock as “Specialist Dr. Ryan Stone”, George Clooney as “Specialist Matt Kowalski” and Directed by Alfonso Cuaron (Y Tu Mama Tambian and Pans Labyrinth), Gravity is a rather simple and basic plot of survival against mounting odd.

Early in the film we see Kowalski on his jet pack frolicking about space with a some what been there done that attitude on his current mission. He’s a professional at his job but also a bit of a jock on an amusement park ride with his jet pack.  Dr. Stone on the other hand is more grounded and focused but still very amenable to Kowalski’s perpetual talking, space humor and playfulness.

Early in the film while the two American astronauts are diligently in the midst of executing repairs on the Hubble Telescope, a warning is issued to them from ground control that a satellite has been struck and is developing a fast moving debris field that requires them aborting their repair mission immediately. 

So what happens next? Well what happens next is the first absolutely must see film of 2013 and one of the best films of 2013. It is singularly the most riveting, visually imaginative and mesmerizing movie experience I have seen in years.

This is a game changing piece of cinema creativity, which I am certain will win an Oscar for Special effects. Its level of detail for the minutest objects in space as well as capturing the sense of the countless difficulties humans must experience when operating in stiff suits in the cold, dark, directionless and weightless vacuum of space is flawlessly directed and impeccably crafted.

I was glued to my seat with what I as certain for all who see this is the closes any of us will experience space travel. Gravity in my estimation gets you there – places you there like no science fiction film has.

A couple of recommendations. One, you would be foolish to rent this film; you have to see in the theater. Two, I highly, highly recommend you see it in the combination IMAX and 3D format, and finally three, sit as close as possible to the screen; I dare you.

Again, this is a must see film and I will be seeing this again.

Gravity – 4 Stars


  1. Lester - agreed! We did 3d IMAX and sat as close as we could stand - I thought it was brilliant and your review is spot on!

  2. Lester,
    We saw the film in IMAX-3D. Several times I thought a piece of debris was going to hit me! What made it worse, my wife grabbed my arm a turned away to avoid being hit.
    Unbelievable cinematagraphy and special effects!

  3. Great movie- relieved that George Clooney came through as believable in his roll. No idea how it was "filmed" in a weightless environment - perfectly done. A must see in IMAX-3D - always fun to toss popcorn at movie goers "ducking" space debris! It bugged me that I was unsure if there really is a Chinese Space Station. For others unaware - not until 2020. V/r Goon