Thursday, June 20, 2013

World War Z - Review

World War Z – Review

“World War Z” is about Zombies (the undead), people running from them and Zombies chasing them to bite them to make more Zombies – the end. But you already knew that.

WWZ is not an especially smart film, especially in the first hour as it seems to offer up nothing new or clever that I haven’t already seen before. But what it does do effectively overall is provide a highly entertaining film from start to finish, with a second hour much crisper in its story development with scenes more thought out to a reasonable believable conclusion befitting the overall tone of the film.

What I enjoyed largely about the film was its pace. There is no messing around in this film with attempts to explain who characters are or possible hidden subplots. Within the very first few minutes of the films beginning it delivers the audience with a bang as Zombie rush hour is on in full throttle. Zombies everywhere, coming out of nowhere with no attempted explanation for how they came into being. Literally from a birds eyes view we see Zombies running down bewildered pedestrians as if they had a double cocktail mix of espresso and steroids.       

Brad Pitt’s character is the principle figure through the film and makes a reasonable acting case as the somewhat reluctant smart guy who can only save the world hero. And except for a few scenes in the beginning that seem to be a bit confusing he takes charge of the prevailing question about what cause this and what is the cure for this pandemic rabid rage that has infected the entire planet.

A couple of side notes. One I was surprised that the film was not especially gory which did not hurt the film at all for me. Two, there were a couple of highly affective action scenes one being a narrative taking place on the ground in a seemingly well fortified Israel and another one on a jet liner in mid flight. But clearly the best and smartest scene of the entire film takes place at a World Health Facility that is absolutely thrilling, tense, affectively clever and surprisingly funny as well.

Bottom line is if you are tired of Vampires as I am and Zombies are you latest cup of thrilling tea as they are for me, then go ahead and take 2 hours out of your day to see WWZ, you will have fun as I did.

3 -1/2 Stars 

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