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The Heat - Review

“The Heat”- Review

“The Heat” starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy is a comedy film that tells the formula story of two seemly opposite people who are compelled by unique and coincidental circumstances to work with each other for a common good. And as you might expect the two are paired together even though they appear to as diametrically opposite in personality that there is no calculable, imaginable or conceivable way these two should ever or could ever want to work well with each other. But hey, this Hollywood and there anything is possible.

First, in the film we see Sandra Bullock playing ambitious  FBI Special Agent “Sarah Ashburn”, an uptight, straight-laced, highly meticulous professional who is not very liked by her colleagues for her not so subtle aloofness and arrogance  but is largely tolerated because of her stellar methodical investigated skills that has earn her an agency wide reputation for excellence.

Second in the film we see Melissa McCarthy who plays “Shannon Mullins” one of Boston PD’s finest, recognized for her street smart – gut instinct approach to investigating felonious activity and capturing elusive criminals, but who also is disliked for her foul-mouthed approach to authorities and colleagues and again is largely tolerated because of her reputation for being an excellent cop.

So, when these two polar opposites meet and are forced to have to work together the over arching question is asked;  can these two incompatible law officers actually join forces together to bring down a culprit that they both have different vested needs to close their respective cases?

Directed by Paul Feig, the director of the very funny "Bridesmaids.", we see what apparently what he and others saw from that effort, that being Melissa McCarthy is truly very talented. She unlike any other actor I have seen in awhile has the capacity to sell her character from beginning to end, staying on course with a sense of believability, humor,  spontaneity, charm, personal appeal and warmth. She sells “Shannon” with genuine creative wit and timing, a turn on a dime good and bad nature side and a sensual feminine quality as well that makes you the viewer want to actually be around her either at a bar, at dinner or at work. She seems real, she seems honest, and she seems fun

The story pairing of Bullock and McCarthy characters is nothing new and has a few scenes that seemed a bit cliché and predictable. What made this movie ultimately fun for me was that it was simply good and refreshing for a wonderful change to see two women carrying a film from start to finish. “The Heat: moves along pretty well with multiple moments of laugh out loud humor and a decent enough written story that held my interest through out.

 But make no mistake about it; what I was left with is McCarthy nearly steals almost every moment and the movie itself, So much so leaving the theater I could not stop thinking about having no doubt Hollywood will continue to find new vehicles for Melissa McCarthy to entertain us. So may I make a suggestion?

Someone needs to write her a script that she and she alone is the principle starring subject. McCarthy not only has the star power now to command such a film project in that way, she also has the talent too; so much so I really believe that someday if given the right role, she will be garnering one of those gold bald headed statues in February as “Best Actress”; she in my estimation is that good.

3 – 1/2 Stars

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