Friday, August 12, 2016

Florence Foster Jenkins - Review

Florence Foster Jenkins

Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant are cast in the true story of a very nice, lovely and wealthy woman who was a committed benefactor to the arts and who also equally loved to perform (act). But her larger dream was to one day to be able to sing alone on the big stage, the only problem is she happens to be a very bad singer and doesn’t know it. Still undeterred she hopes to fulfill her enduring lifelong dream of singing at the biggest performance stage of them all; at Carnegie Hall. This is the story of “Florence Foster Jenkins”.

The film itself, "FFJ" takes place around the 1940’s during the backdrop of World War 2 in New York City. It has an enchanting, very funny (appropriately so) and tender quality to its execution about this unique couple’s loving relationship even though at times the relationship operated under an unusual umbrella of secrets and sad personal history.

Overall “FFJ” has an authentic “old” movie feel about it with its carefully crafted rich and subtle details from the customs and wardrobes and musical selections to the overall set design. But while the film may have had a dated quality about it to the visual eye, there is an homage to the importance of social etiquette through the exalting prism of personal virtues that matter then and even today; graciousness, gentleness, dignity, encouragement, respect and sincerity.

Once again, Meryl Streep is absolutely prenominal as Florence as it will probably land her a record 20th Oscar nomination, which is staggering in itself. But perhaps even more surprising is that her co-star in the film, Huge Grant has never even been nominated once. Well, in my opinion he absolutely deserves a Best Supporting Actor Nomination here as the genuinely devoted husband, muse, confidant and best friend to the Mrs. Foster. Hugh Grant was just splendid from the film’s beginning to the emotional and moving finale. He holds his own with Meryl in every frame and much, much more.

‘FFJ” is such a sweet little film to enjoy. I was enthrallingly captivated - enthrallingly charmed.

3 -3/4 Stars

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