Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ghostbusters 2016 - Review

Ghostbusters 2016

Fans have been clamoring for 2+ decades for another sequel to the 1984 blockbuster comedy “Ghostbuster”. So it’s no real surprise that it has finally come to fruition with the original cast member Dan Aykroyd taking his turn as the Executive Producer of this effort, along with Director Paul Feig, whose resume is more note-worthy from directing successful TV shows ranging from the acclaimed AMC’s Madmen to The Office, Parks and Recreation and Arrested Development. Collectively the two men are combining their talents and achievements to help guide the new 3rd reboot of the iconic film with the much heralded idea of an all-female cast in “Ghostbusters 2016”.

This time out we have paranormal researcher Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) and physicist Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig) who are desperately trying to prove to metropolitan locals that ghosts really exist in modern society. When strange apparitions appear in Manhattan, Gilbert and Yates turn to engineer Jillian Holtzmann (current SNL’s Kate McKinnon) for help, along with Patty Tolan (current SNL’s Leslie Jones), who is a lifelong street smart New Yorker who knows the city inside and out. Together they armed themselves with proton packs and plenty of attitude, the four women set out to prepare for an epic battle as thousands of mischievous spooky and slimy green ghouls descend on Times Square to frighten and “scare the bejeebers” (means “mental soundness and wits) out of everyone.

My review: Well, it’s not insanely boring but I also promise you this. If you should see this film, then somewhere in the time it takes you to leave your theater seat to the time it takes for you to get to your car to go home, you will be unable to recall one single memorable scene, one single unique ghost, one memorable quote or one unforgettable special effect that was redeemable to share with friends.

You then add a silly array of needless acting cameos and homages, along with mediocre special effects, I say why bother to see this in the theater. Just wait for it to come to cable – free basic cable. So, as the quoted line goes, “Who you’re going to call? No one.

To the Hollywood Executives, I am just a fan, so I don’t have your inside knowledge for what it takes to making a great movie or making big deals.  But if you are sitting around in a board room 12 months from now trying to collectively conjure up new plot ideas for films and someone utters the suggestion of another Ghostbuster sequel (which this latest version leaves open that real possibility), my advice to you all is this…………….. “The power of Lester compels you to just let the dead (Ghosts) rest in peace”.

2 - 1/4 Stars

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