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Lester's April 2016 / Movie - TV News

Lester's April 2016 /  Movie - TV News


·       A trailer was shown for Director Robert Zemeckis’ (Castaway and Forrest Gump) latest, now officially titled “Allied”. The World War II thriller is set for a November 23 release and stars Brad Pitt opposite Marion Cotillard. Although an official synopsis has not been fully released, the plot appears to follow Pitt an American as an Intelligence Officer and Cotillard as a French Resistance Fighter who become lovers against the backdrop of German occupied France during the height of the war. 

·      Director Spielberg and Recent Academy Award Winner Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies) will work together again in the film titled “The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara”. Rylance will play Pope Pius IX in the adaptation of the David Kertzer novel that tells the story in, June 1858 a Jewish merchant Momolo Mortara who had two officers of the Catholic Inquisition bust inside and seize Mortara's six-year-old son, Edgardo. As the boy is wrenched from his father's arms, his mother collapses.  The reason for his abduction: the boy had been secretly "baptized" by a family servant.  According to papal law, the child is therefore a Catholic who can be taken from his family and delivered to a special monastery where his conversion will be completed. With this begins the true story of how one boy's kidnapping became a pivotal event in the collapse of the Vatican as a secular power.   

·       Some early Oscar acting buzz for 90 year old comic legend and humanitarian Jerry Lewis who apparently wowed a movie premiere audience receiving two standing ovations in the 2013 delayed release of the low budget film called 'Max Rose'. Lewis plays a retired jazz pianist who makes a discovery days before the death of his wife of 65 years Eva (Claire Bloom) that causes him to believe his marriage was a total lie. Rose begins to question the strength of his marriage and starts looking for clues to identify Eva’s past as he embarks on an exploration of her past as well as his own past that brings him face to face with a menagerie of characters from a bygone era.  

·       The independent foreign language effort called 'A Monster With A Thousand Heads' which had very successful performance reviews at several key festivals including Venice, AFI, and BFI London, this Mexican indie film was recently picked up by the production company Music Box Films for a 2016 release nationwide. The film is directed by Mexico-based Uruguayan Rodrigo Plá ("La Zana," "Desierto Adentro," "The Delay"), and stars stage actress Jana Raluy in her screen debut. It's written by Laura Santullo who adapted it from her own novel. The official synopsis of the film “Monster” takes place in Mexico involving the medical insurance industry. Sonia (Jana Raluy)’s critically ill husband requires an expensive medication their insurance company refuses to approve. What begins as a frustrating call to a bureaucratic phone tree, escalates into a confrontation with her husband’s doctor as he luxuriates in a steam bath, and finally a violent hostage-taking standoff. Sonia does battle with the insurance industry; its obfuscation and pettiness, its callous disregard for suffering and ultimately corruption."  The trailer is currently available on Youtube. 


·       Suddenly Atlanta is now 2 HOT – HOT: Two of the biggest cable networks are each premiering comedy shows set in the music world in Atlanta. First HBO’s effort is called “Brothers in Atlanta”. The HBO effort is about struggling entertainers and best friends Langston (Riddle) and Moose (Salahuddin) trying to navigate relationships and life in the black Mecca of Atlanta. An Atlanta native, Langston is an aspiring DJ whose career has stalled due to his lack of focus and his get-rich schemes. New to Atlanta, Moose is a perennial backup singer with dreams of the spotlight, who keep his foot in his mouth. The pilot also features Maya Rudolph as Moose’s demanding boss, Shirley, an R&B diva whose heyday was in the 90s; and Jaden Smith as Curtis, a “New Atlanta” teenager and Langston’s rowdy neighbor with unpredictable interests and suspicious income.   

·       The FX network effort will embark on the release of a weekly 30 minute show called “Atlanta” sometime in the summer of 2016. “Atlanta” synopsis involves two cousins who are making their way up through the Atlanta’s rap scene. Created and stars Donald Glover, who will play a character named Earnest "Earn" Marks, a loner who left Atlanta only to return; now working an unglamorous job and barely getting by when his cousin Alfred becomes Atlanta’s hot rapper, Earn sees an opportunity to manage Alfred’s career. Actor Brian Tyree Henry who will play the cousin Alfred Miles, wants to capitalize on his sudden fame as quickly as possible. 

·       AMC offers up a new drama called “Preacher”. Based on a comic book, the synopsis entails with a story of a conflicted preacher living in a Texas town that is possessed by a powerful supernatural force, and sets out on a trip with his “hit-woman” ex-girlfriend and an Irish vampire, to find God who has gone missing.  

·       HBO is still working on the modern adaptation of the 1970’s Yul Brenner movie called “Westworld”. The synopsis is the story of a wild western theme park using state of the art robot technology to give its clients everything they ever dreamt of. The cast is spectacular Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Rodrigo Santoro, Ben Barnes, Jimmi Simpson, “Creed” star Tessa Thompson, “The Duke Of Burgundy”, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Clifton Collins Jr and, stepping into Yul Brynner’s shoes, Ed Harris.  

·       FX brings acclaimed British Actor Tom Hardy to the TV screen in a miniseries he wrote and acts in called “Taboo”. The synopsis is in 1813, where roguish adventurer James Delaney (Hardy) returns to Britain from America with 14 stolen diamonds in tow, determined to avenge the death of his father. An 8 episode miniseries is penned by both Hardy and his "Locke" writer/director Steven Knight. 

·       HBO offers up “Codes of Conduct” with a synopsis of a man named Beverly Snow, a talented, self-confident young African-American man works his way into the upper echelons of New York society, despite his ambiguous background, testing the limits of access and social mobility. This series won't arrive till 2017; a  deeply intriguing six-part miniseries produced by Russell Simmons for HBO and co-written by Steve McQueen (Director of “12 Years A Slave”) and "World War Z" writer Matthew Michael Carnahan. Actor Paul Dano last seen brilliantly performing as Beach Boy Brian Wilson in “Love and Mercy” ‘will play a young entrepreneur who takes Snow under his wing and grants him access to the social elite. Helena Bonham Carter appears as a wealthy socialite and Rebecca Hall will play the privileged eldest child of a New York billionaire and Snow's possible nemesis.

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