Sunday, October 25, 2015

Steve Jobs - Rewiew

Steve Jobs

Michael Fassbender will undoubtedly be on the short list for a Best Actor Oscar nomination. BUT while it is well acted across the board (Kate Winslet and Seth Rogan) and has excellent writing that pops and is very smart, the overall film never really has a moment of build up to anything meaningfully for us to have examine Jobs any differently than we already know for better, for worse or for more.

The movie wants us to view Jobs as someone with Shakespearean nobility – virtue, as well as a real human anomaly with flaws of isolation, alienation, attacks, who was also shaped with self-inward tortured conceit.

But with such a larger than life subject as Jobs to tell a story about and his personal historical material to work with, the film never reaches any kind of crescendo. In the end "Steve Jobs" feels more like a mix of an actor studio workshop being filmed and 4 act play performance (i.e. last year's "Birdman" ) which I think can be entertaining, but is very hard to pull off cinematically when 99% of the films 2 hour running time is singularly focused on just one character.

Yeah Jobs was a jerk, I get it, but there seemed to be nothing else beyond that - no signs of a real human life beyond an obsessive focus of always being right about everything - all the time - with everyone - at any place - at any price.

Still for Michael Fassbender brilliant fueled performance and excellent supporting cast work and a story that will hold your attention.........................., it’s a solid rental.

3 - 1/2 Stars

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