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Furious 7 – Review

Furious 7 – Review

“Furious 7” starring Paul Walker, Jason Statham, Lucas Black, Tyrese Gibson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Vin Diesel, Djimon Hounsou, Kurt Russell, Tony Jaa, Dwayne Johnson, Nathalie Emmanuel, John Brotherton and Iggy Azaela once again takes us on another global action packed journey of fast cars, women, insane special effects, guns, explosions and unrelenting carnage.  

The plot? Well, Dom’s (Vin Diesel) best friend in Japan……………seriously, me writing the plot of this film going to make any difference if you see it or not?

Pros: Running two hours plus F7 is absolutely a nonstop action thrill ride. It is also entertaining as well, just as long as you leave your mind stuck in neutral and have not one scintilla of knowledge involving basic physics. Also, on a positive note this entire F&F franchise of 7 films may have carved something totally unique in film development in Hollywood; that being something that makes both no sense and yet is entertaining
Ultimately, all seven films are one in the same, with no shortage of corny one liners, completely ridiculous and outrageous subplots and some very preposterous transition points i.e. speed racing scenes that have Dom’s crew racing somewhere in United States, only to have the story of them racing somewhere in the Middle East, only again to transition them back to the United States on the streets of Los Angeles.

I saw No. 7 only because the general reviews of this installment have been its highest of the entire group. I also was a bit curious of how they would handle Paul Walker’s character given his tragic passing before the film was completed. I can honestly say they did a pretty good job of keeping his character fully engaged in the entire film with an ending that was respectfully and touching to his passing.

Cons: Can’t really complain about anything in this film as I knew what I was going to see when I paid for my ticket. I guess I was a bit amused at the reaction of some of the viewer’s comments coming out of the theater singing its praises as it they had seen Shakespeare Othello or Richard the III. I get it that this film – these types of films caters to an audience who’s attention span last as long as the width of the wing on a Tsetse fly. So let them eat cake.

Conclusion: F7 made the time go by pretty good. Meaning I must of enjoyed it since I was never bored even if it makes no plausible sense to have as a strategy 6 cars being parachute dropped on to heavily forest meandering road, have the characters be shot at close range, have fist fights on the hood of fast moving cars and have those cars go over multiple cliffs with everyone managing to survive without as much as a scratch or a torn T shirt.

It’s clear they will make another in the form of F8 and why not they make tons of money. But the next time they should take the humor approach to possibly changing its title to “Car Wars – The Return of the Dodge Challengers”.

3 -1/4 Stars 

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