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Edge of Tomorrow - Review

Edge of Tomorrow – Review

Starring Tom Cruise as Major William Cage the film “Edge of Tomorrow” takes place in the UK in the not too distance future. Earth has been invaded by an alien species called the Mimic who have come to Earth in a barrage of meteorites to unleash a relentless assault on humanity. Looking like shiny highly animated Octopuses’ the Mimic have undoubtedly come to conquer Earth and use it for their own consumption. They are formidable and seemingly impossible to defeat. But the global allied military believe they have a chance to defeat the invaders by soliciting every able body volunteer worldwide to fight the Mimic in the last unconquered area in the European theater.

Major Cage, who up to that point has had the rather cushy job of garnering the public relation support of getting volunteers to join the cause, suddenly discovers after a briefing on a new strategic plan to defeat the invaders, his desk duties days are over and that he would be part of the first wave of fighters to repel the Mimic. Immediately arrested and thrown forcibly into the European combat zone; Cage is totally untrained and reduced in rank into what looks clear to him as nothing more than a suicide mission.

Confused by the quick turn in events and now listed in rank as Private Cage and draped in a fighting metal highly armed exoskeleton, Cage is dropped into a whirl wind combat zone eerily similar to the opening scene in “Saving Private Ryan”, with Cage completely out of his element. But through a fluke circumstance when is he is killed, he is also transformed physically in a way that his life becomes a “Ground Hog’s Day” recycling of his previous days life. Each and every detail he experienced leading up to the day and moments of his own death are repeated over and over and over and over and over again.

Eventually Private Cage start’s to figure out the odd fact he is reliving his life. But Why? It is only when he meets a female soldier named “Rita Vrataski” played by Emily Blunt he starts to get some answers to this question. She unlike the other combat soldiers is uniquely aware of what is happening to Cage that she solicits Cage to come to speak to her “when he wakes up” just before she and he are killed……………again.

The big mystery to his repeating resurrection is the core plot point to this film. But what is fascinating about this film as a science fiction effort, while highly intricate and complicated to watch, “Edge of Tomorrow” is also cleverly crafted, rousing, thrilling, smart, refreshing, sensational and unexpected to watch. And you will watch it in the same way that I did probably saying to yourself this plot should not work, but it does work over and over and over again. And with each relived life cycle there is a bit more to be revealed as to the specific cause of this effect on Private Cage’s life. Director Doug Liman takes us through 2 hours of fun peeling away pieces of the plot with pulse pounding technical directing, writing and sharp brisk special effects action.   

In addition, Tom Cruise peals back his typical slightly over the top super confident alpha male persona by introducing here a more meek, scared and highly vulnerable male lead while giving equal screen time to his female counter part Emily Blunt, making the overall film have a more balanced story line and balanced sense of concern - caring for both the film’s lead characters.

“Edge of Tomorrow manages to keep you interested in every single second while not insulting your intelligence for one moment, giving the audience huge dividends on their ticket with a surprisingly imaginative action movie that takes you to a place you have never been before. Each 30 minutes of this film gets smarter and more creative up to its fulfilling climax.

Solid supporting acting performances from Bill Paxton as Master Sergeant Farrell and Brendan Gleeson as the dictatorial Allied General Brigharn. One side note and it’s no big deal, I am beginning to believe that Tom Cruise has it in every film contract he signs he has to be seen on a motor cycle even if it’s for one minute. He does not disappoint.

See this.

4 - Stars

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  1. Finally saw this movie - agree w/ the 4 star rating. A unique story line with excellent special/cgi effects. A must see on the big screen.

    - Navygoon