Friday, February 21, 2014

Oscar Predictions

Lester’s 2013 Academy Award
 Oscar Predictions
Should Win (SW)
Will Win (WW)

Best Supporting Actress (SW) – Lupita Nyongo  “12 Years A Slave”
Best Supporting Actress (WW) – Lupita Nyongo “12 Years A Slave”
Possible Surprise (s) Jennifer Lawrence

Best Supporting Actor (SW) – Jared Leto “Dallas Buyers Club”
Best Supporting Actor (WW) – Jared Leto “Dallas Buyers Club”
Possible Surprise (s) – Maybe Michael Fassbender “12 Years A Slave”

Best Lead Actress (SW) – Cate Blanchette “Blue Jasmine”
Best Lead Actress (WW) – Cate Blanchette “Blue Jasmine”  
Possible Surprise (s)  None – Blanchette Will Win Here – A Lock.

Best Lead Actor (SW) – Christian Bale “American Hustle”
Best Lead Actor (WW) – Matthew McConaughey “Dallas Buyers Club”
Possible Surprise (s) Bruce Dern “Nebraska”

Best Director (SW) – Alfonso Cuaron “Gravity”
Best Director (WW) – Alfonso Cuaron “Gravity”
Possible Surprise (s)  Almost A Lock For Cuaron -  Steve B. McQueen “12 Years A Slave” has a chance.

Best Film (SW) “American Hustle”
Best Film (WW) “12 Years A Slave”
Possible Surprise (s) “American Hustle” or “Gravity”


·         Best Adapted Screenplay – “12 Years A Slave”
·         Best Animation Feature – “Frozen”
·         Best Cinematography – “Gravity”
·         Best Costumes – “The Great Gatsby"
·         Best Film Editing – “Gravity”
·          Best Foreign Film – “The Great Beauty” (Could Win – The Hunt”)
·          Best Make Up – “Dallas Buyer’s Club” (Could Win “Jack Ass”)
·          Best Original Screen Play – “American Hustle” (Could Win “Her”) – This is real close - could go either way
·          Best Production Design  - “The Great Gatsby” (Could Win “American Hustle”)
·          Best Song – “Frozen” – “Let It Go” (Would love to see “Happy” win here but it won’t happen)
·          Best Sound Editing – “Gravity” (Could Win “Lone Survivor”)
·         Best Sound Mixing – “Gravity”
·         Best Special Effects – “Gravity”


  1. You should have put your money down in Vegas; you did well.

  2. Lester,

    Once again, you hit the ball out of the park on this one. Nice Job!!!