Friday, January 10, 2014

Lone Survivor - Review

Lone Survivor - Review

Starring Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster and Eric Bana “Lone Survivor” is an amazing, brutal and extremely realistic true accounting of the firefight of 4 brave Navy Seals in Afghanistan on their ill-fated mission to kill a Taliban Warlord. 

The Direction by Peter Berg gives the viewers an almost minute by minute intimate, horrifying and visually exhausting experience of what they endured being isolated in rugged and desolate terrain, being out gunned and out manned, but nevertheless the value of their premium training to survive by fighting their aggressors with superior effectiveness in spite of their numerical disadvantages and low odds.

Without going into details of what happened given that this is true story, for me what was sorely missing in this film was there was not enough back story as to who these brave men were besides some deliberately pushed in idle conversations about a pending wedding, some male bonding hazing and some discussion about horses. Another 30 minutes by Director Berg to thrash out some personal details as to how a collection of strangers can come together as brothers under the banner as members of the United States Military would have given this story and these men the greater weight to their sacrifices in life and in death. This same structural issue for me also applies to some of the personal back stories of certain key Afghanistan tribal men (both good and bad).  I believe this too would of overall helped round out this film execution as well.

Still, for me Lone Survivor jumps off the screen with raw unrelenting action for virtually all of its 121 minute running time with a purpose of telling and showing its audience what heroism, valor and bravery really looks like and in that regard the film accomplished its mission very, very well.

3 - 1/2 stars

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