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"2 Guns" - Review

“2 Guns” - Review

In “2 Guns you have two time Academy Award winner Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg starring together along with Bill Paxton, Edward James Olomos and Paula Patton in an explosive and action packed filled film.

In the beginning, we see Bobby Trench (Washington) and Marcus Stigman (Wahlberg) both reluctantly and yet respectfully working together as two big time players in a false IDs in exchange for drugs deal with a Mexican drug cartel boss played by Olomos that they both have been task to take down. But there in lies the huge problem with their unique alliance, for the past 12 months neither men knows that the other man is an undercover federal agent with Trench being with DEA and Stigman as undercover Petty Officer with United States Naval Intelligence.

Of course with such a secretive alliance something early has to go dramatically wrong at a critical moment that leave both undercover men scrambling to find why they are now being hunted by a myriad of pursuers who want to kill them. Thus with a great deal of suspicion they both come to the realization that the only two people they can count on are each other if they have any hope to ever come out of the messy situation alive.

What works in “2 Guns” is a lot of smart, snappy, hilarious and zinging dialog, mostly when Washington and Wahlberg are on the screen together. These two actors displayed a lot of natural witty chemistry together that was very sharp and believable. Also Bill Paxton delivers an equally strong supporting role as a man who is largely mysterious through out most of the film with a no holds barred bad ass attitude to anyone and everything that gets in his way – clearly not someone to be trifled with. And finally film Director Baltasar Kormakur does create the right mix of action, smart dialog and film pacing that made this movie effort largely entertaining throughout its many plot twists and turns.

My complaint is that the plot twists and turns of the film felt largely murky and incoherent for the most part with an ending that bordered on just being convoluted and piled on.

Still for the real great acting chemistry, look and pace of the film, I had a good time.

3 – 1/4 Stars

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