Thursday, February 21, 2013

Addictive Films

ADDICTIVE FILMS.............We All Have Them!!!!
We all have experienced some films that were good one time or another, a few that were even great and some on rare occasions that were even phenomenal. But every now then a film comes along that has an affect on you. Completely and totally unexplainable, the film has a personal addictive quality to them.  So much so that no matter what you are doing at that time; no matter how many times you have seen it………………each and every single time you see it on TV, hear it on TV, even if you may be in the other room, you pause to go watch it again,……….. Even if it’s just for a few minutes or a few scenes, you watch it again probably for the 231st time. But who’s really counting anyway.
But that’s not all; sometimes you may be completely unaware that some how either by intent or subliminally you begin to actually whisper a few lines of dialog verbatim. Oh, yes, word for word to that exact same cadence, same accent and sometimes even mimicking the voice of the actual actor performing. 
Sick huh?.................Oh, so you’re saying it’s just me now that has this problem?
OK, well here are a few of my” Addictive Films”:
·       Alien & Aliens
·       Godfather & Godfather 2
·       Predator
·       28 Days Later
·       Original Star Wars
·       Star Trek  - The Wrath of Khan
·       The Bourne Identity,  The Bourne Supremacy &  The Bourne Ultimatum
·       The French Connection
·       Batman The Dark Knight
·       Raiders of the Lost Ark &  Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade
·       The Shawshank Redemption
·       The Silence of the Lambs
·       Man on Fire
·       Michael Clayton
·       The King Speech
·       Patton
·       Heat
·       Sling Blade
·       Red Rock West
·       Training Day
·       The Deer Hunter
·       Goodfellas
·       Casino
·       Pulp Fiction
·       2001 A Space Odyssey
·       Open Range
·       Platoon
·       Master and Commander
·       Forrest Gump
·       Jaws
·       Apocalypse Now
·       Cape Fear
·       Midnight Run
·       Titanic
·       What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
·       Kill Bill 1 & 2
·       Crouching Tiger-Hidden Dragon
·       The Last Seduction
·       The Outlaw Josey Wells
·       Unforgiven
·       The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
·       Oceans 11
·       Inglorious Basterds
·       Top Gun
·       The Last of the Mohicans
·       Tombstone


  1. I will add a few. Some that I am proud of and a few that drive the wife C R A Z Y

    Saving Private Ryan
    Silence of the Lambs
    Primal Fear
    Fight Club
    Sixth Sense

    and for some unknown reason I can never turn off True Lies or the original Terminator or Die Hard.....go figure.

  2. Ok.......I'll add a few:

    Dr No
    From Russia w/Love
    You Only Live Twice
    Diamonds Are Forever
    Never Say Never Again

    Honestly....Who can resist Sean Connery as James Bond, and that 'oh so familiar' Bond theme music?